Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my ticket?

- Only tickets for which the event has been postponed, cancelled or the schedule has been changed.
To do this, please contact info@mjproduction.ee or fill in the form on our website.


The following shall not be exchanged:

1. Damaged product

2. Lost ticket

3. Overdue products and tickets.

4. It is not possible to exchange purchased tickets for another product or ticket

5. You cannot return the winning ticket

6. It is not possible to return and/or exchange a ticket in case: EXAMPLE: "I have changed plans!", etc!!

Can I return my ticket and get the money i paid for it back?

- Yes, the ticket can be returned by filling out this form on our website or by contacting us info@mjproduction.ee
Nb! Tickets for events are not refunded unless the event has been cancelled or postponed and you are not eligible for a new date.

What happens after I've lost or deleted my ticket?

- If you lose or delete a ticket, the registered customer has the opportunity to find it under the 'My Tickets' option on their account.
If you are not a registered customer please contact us after reviewing the 'Spam' section of your email to find a ticket info@mjproduction.ee

Can I resell my ticket?

Ticket purchased from the www.mjproduction.ee website may not be reselled.
If you have purchased a ticket sold on the MJProduction website from anywhere else, MJProduction is not responsible for its validity or other characteristics.

I didn't get my ticket!

If you have bought a ticket from our website and are convinced that the payment is successful but have not received it please contact us immediately!

Can I pay for the ticket in cash?