Ticket refund


If the event has been cancelled or postponed, there is only the possibility to ask for a refund for the tickets purchased!

Request a return: Send a ticket, receipt, Name and account details where you want to receive the return!

Nb! We can only make a return to the buyer's account,the buyer account and return account must be the same!

By sending us a letter, you will receive an automatic reply and it can be invoiced that we will deal with your request.

If we did not reply to you with a separate letter, then there is no need to call us or write in addition because if you received an automatic reply then that is enough.

The return, as a rule, takes place for 30 days from the moment of  the refund wish. As a rule, we can return in 10 days, but if the load is higher, we will fit nicely within 30 days.