Conditions for purchasing ticket sales

1.1. Special Terms and Conditions - Additions to the General Terms and Conditions that apply beween MJProduction and the Promoter.
The Special Conditions take precedence over the General Conditions.

1.2. Organizer - The organizer of an event, including a legal entity, organization or institution, which is responsible for all

For circumstances related to the Event, including the Event.

1.3. Agreement - General and Special Conditions and Annexes.

1.4. Final Report - a report submitted by MJProduction to the Organizer after the event, which contains

information on all pre-sale of tickets.

1.5. Sales report - a report submitted by MJProduction to the Organizer during the pre-sale period, in which it is presented

data on ticket pre-sale period sales.

1.6. Ticket - an undamaged document on the original form or an electronic ticket that guarantees the performer the right

for admission to the Event and in case of non-occurrence of the Event, to demand the redemption of the Ticket from the Organizer.

1.7. MJProduction - MJProductionestonia OÜ, registry code 14670253, location Sõle tn 38, Tallinn 10137, which

provides Event Organizer Ticket sales, administration and advertising services to the Organizer in accordance with the Agreement


1.8. Party - Organizer and MJProduction separately; Parties - Organizer and MJProduction jointly and severally.

1.9. Order Form - Important information about the event that the Organizer provides to MJProduction.

1.10. General Terms and Conditions - these general terms and conditions of the ticket sales agency agreement.

1.11. Event - an entertainment, public life, business or event organized by the Organizer for the public

advertising event, including performance, performance, concert, disco, sports competition, exhibition, fair, conference,

a competition, auction or similar event for which a ticket must be redeemed.

The object of the contract
2.1. The Organizer authorizes MJProduction to sell Event Tickets by pre-sale and to provide other related

services under the conditions set out in the Agreement. Ticket pre-sales are in any way, place, form and time before

Event Ticket Sales.

2.2. The Special Conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions and are determined without regulation in the General Terms and Conditions

conditions. In the event of a conflict between the General Terms and the Special Terms and Conditions, the Special Terms and Conditions shall prevail. By the organizer

The signed Order Form to be submitted will specify the Event and important information about the Event.

Arranging sales contracts
3.1 MJProduction mediates the conclusion of sales agreements between the Organizer and the Ticket Buyers for and for the Organizer

interests. MJProduction is not obliged and cannot fulfill the concluded sales contracts. Ticket rights and

obligations shall be imposed on Ticket Buyers by the Organizer, who shall be liable to Ticket Buyers for their rights and

the content, modification and performance of the obligations.

Obligations of the parties
4.1. The organizer undertakes:

4.1.1. Submit an Order Form to MJProduction for the sale of Tickets

4.1.2. Ensure that the MJProduction trademark (logo) is advertised and / or named at all events related to the Event

in publications, Internet, television and radio advertisements that reflect Ticket sales information.

4.1.3. Accept the Event Admission to the original of MJProduction and MJProduction Partners

Tickets on ticket forms and electronic Tickets purchased through the online store;

4.1.4. If the Event does not take place or the time, place or artist of the Event takes place, or the Event

in exchange for another Event Tickets to buy back from buyers.


4.2. MJPoduction undertakes:

4.2.1. Organize ticket pre-sale;

4.2.2. Submit a Ticket Sales Report to the Organizer and / or make available the Final Report.

4.2.3. Make available to the Organizer information on the sale of Tickets on the MJProduction web environment,

by transmitting to the organizer the passwords of the sales system user in a reproducible written form from the beginning of the conclusion of the contract.

4.2.4. Ensure that advertising materials are displayed in accordance with advertising agreements. Commercial

the order form is attached to the Agreement. In addition to MJProduction, it is mentioned in the advertising materials

another person / company involved in ticketing, MJProduction reserves the right

refuse to display advertising material or request that the advertising material will be recycled

5.1. MJProduction is not liable to Ticket Buyers or third parties for the conduct, organization,

for advertising, information or other circumstances and content related to the Event; as well as the non-occurrence of the Event

possible costs and damages. Resolves all claims arising from the above reasons


5.2. If the Event does not take place, it will be postponed, the place of the Event will be changed or

replaced by another Event, MJProduction is not obliged to repurchase or reimburse the Tickets. Tickets

repurchase and / or compensation will be carried out by the Organizer, unless otherwise stated.

5.3. The organizer is responsible for the hardware and software entrusted to him and compensates for the damage caused

market value.

Force majeure
1. The Parties shall not be liable for breach of the Agreement if the performance of the Agreement is made impossible by the circumstances of force majeure.

2. If the effect of force majeure is temporary, the breach of the Agreement shall be excusable only during the period of force majeure

force prevented him from fulfilling his obligation.

3. However, in the event of force majeure, the Parties shall, if possible, be obliged

make efforts to ensure the continued performance of the Agreement and to eliminate obstacles.

4. The Parties shall continue to fulfill their contractual obligations as soon as such obstacles have been removed.

5. Force majeure shall change the terms specified in the Agreement by the period during which the performance of the Agreement was

hindered by these factors.

Final provisions
7.1. MJProduction has the right to change the general terms and conditions by providing information to the organizer with 14 days' notice.

7.2. If any provision of the Agreement is invalid due to a conflict with the law, it shall not affect the rest of the Agreement

validity of the provisions.

7.3. Disputes between the Parties arising from this Agreement shall be settled through negotiations.

If no agreement is reached, disputes shall be settled by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia

in accordance with the procedure laid down in