Products bought from can be returned or changed in 14 days starting from the day of receiving the product .
ATTENTION! Tickets are not refundable except if the event is postponed or cancelled and you can not accept the new date.
User can change or return their product via mail or logistic firm.
mobile number: +372 58441398

Returning or changing product via logistic firm, User is required to pay all post fees. We will transfer the money of returned product to user account as soon as possible but not later then 14 days after agreement cancellation .

Let us know about returning or changing via email
If we have received the product we will send a confirmation email.
In case of changing product, we will send new product out as soon as possible after we have received the product what needs to be changed

We will not refund or change products:
1.Wich are used (dirty, broken, etc.)
2.wich are maintained with disrespect and carelessness (burns, cuts, using chemicals etc.)
3.wich ha signs of use
4.In case of event tickets wich are valid or when the event has already ended

Info about returning, refunding, changing applies only for physical person who has made the purchase in