NB! The rules shown here only apply to events organized by Mjproduction!


Products purchased from the e-store according to the law can be used, guaranteed or exchanged within 14 days of the release of the goods. [This law does not apply to event tickets!]

NB! Tickets of events will not be refunded unless the event is canceled or postponed and a new date does not suit you.

1. If you bought a ticket and wish to exchange or return it then you have 2 options:

a) Send us a letter with attachments (Receipt, ticket and order number) E-mail:

b) Or fill in the form HERE

If you bought a ticket for a concert that is not organized by Mjproduction, click HERE


1. If you bought the physical goods and have questions, send us a letter: e-mail address



The following are not subject to exchange:

1. Defective product

2. Lost ticket

3. Overdue products and tickets.

4. It is not possible to exchange the purchased ticket for another or another ticket

5. The won ticket cannot be returned

6. It is not possible to return and / or exchange a ticket if: EXAMPLE: "I have change of plans!", Etc. !!