Refunds (this information relates to brokered ticket sales)

MJProduction is not liable to Ticket Buyers or third parties for the conduct, organization,
for advertising, information or other circumstances and content related to the Event; as well as the non-occurrence of the Event
possible costs and damages. Organiser resolves all claims arising from the above reasons.
(You can see the event organizer in the event info before buying a ticket!)

If the Event does not take place, it will be postponed, the place of the Event will be changed or
replaced by another Event, MJProduction is not obliged to repurchase or reimburse the Tickets. Tickets
repurchase and / or compensation will be handled by the Organizer, unless otherwise stated.

MJProduction has the right to refuse to provide services to the organizer if customer claims are prejudicial
MJProduction's reputation.