How to buy tickets?


Select event.
If you have found a Event you want to buy Ticket to press “Add to Cart“

Select Tickets.
Choose priceing type and ticket amount. Press “Add to Cart“

Check your Cart in the right upper corner, Make sure your tickets and prices are correct and press “Go to Checkout“

Fill in the fields. Select your shipping method and press “Next“
If you already have an account you can log in by pressing “Sign in“ button in the right upper corner
You can make yourself an account after checkout witch makes your checkout easier and faster

Payment Method
Select your payment meethod.
If you have discount code, use it in the field “Enter discount code“ by pressing the arrow down.
Make sure your tickets and price is right.
After choosing your payment method press “Place order“

Order confirmation/Ticket
shortly after placeing your order, you will get E-mail from us with your ticket in PDF. Format and order details