MJProduction reserves the right to accept or reject requests to create an advertisement or event.

The organizer undertakes:

1. Ensure that his advertisements or events are not in conflict with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

2. Submit an Order Form to MJProduction for the sale of Tickets.

3. Ensure that the MJProduction logo is advertised and / or named at all events associated with the Event

in publications, Internet, television and radio advertisements that reflect Ticket sales information.

4. Accept electronic Tickets purchased through the MJProduction online store at the Event entrance.

5. In the event of non-occurrence of the Event or change of the time, place or artist of the Event or the Event

changes for another Event Tickets be bought back from buyers.

MJ Poduction undertakes:

1. Arrange ticket sales

2. Submit the Ticket Sales Report to the Organizer and / or make available the Final Report.

3. Make information on Ticket sales available to the Organizer.

4. Ensure the display of advertising materials in accordance with advertising agreements.

5. The advertising order form is attached to the Agreement. In addition to MJProduction, it is mentioned in the advertising materials

another person / company involved in ticketing, MJProduction reserves the right

refuse to display advertising material or request that the advertising material be recycled

6. MJProduction shall not be liable to the Ticket Buyers or third parties for the conduct, organization,

for advertising, information or other circumstances and content related to the Event; as well as the non-occurrence of the Event

possible costs and damages. Resolves all claims arising from the above reasons


7. If the Event does not take place, it will be postponed, the place of the Event will be changed or

replaced by another Event, MJProduction is not obliged to repurchase or reimburse the Tickets. Tickets

repurchase and / or compensation will be carried out by the Organizer, unless otherwise stated.

8. The organizer is responsible for the hardware and software entrusted to him and compensates for the damage caused

market value.

9. MJProduction has the right to change the general terms and conditions by forwarding the information to the organizer with 14 days' notice.