INSTASAMKA in Tallinn, in the nightclub MJClub on 09.12.2022

Already this winter, on 09.12.2022, the scandalous INSTASAMKA will perform in the Tallinn nightclub MJClub!

The artist of the future, Daria Zoteeyeva, was born on May 11, 2000 in Tobolsk. She started building her musical career at a young age, dropping out of school and devoting all her time to fulfilling her dreams. Before dropping out of school, the youngster suffered from school bullying, but it did not break her, but made her stronger.
After the breakup of her entrepreneur parents, they moved with their mother and younger sister Rita to Chekhov and then to Moscow. Looking for ways to be independent, Daria started working on social media. In 2016, she created an Instagram account where she started sharing pictures of her life and activities with her followers. Because her following didn't grow as fast as she would have liked, she changed the content of her posts. She began,

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