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  1. Ramil - Tallinn 03.09.2021


    Megapopulr artist Ramil is coming to Tallinn in 03.09.2021 to make a concert. Tickets are alrady in sale!

    The turning point of Alimov's career can be considered the year 2018, when he received the first offer to make music like a real star.

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  2. MJYoungFest2021 - New Artists


    MJYoungFest 2021 announces new artists!

    It is currently known that MJYoungFest 2021 will take place in Tallinn on 03.12.2021 with the following artists:

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  3. MJLive - HABIB speaks directly and honestly


    Today on 16.04.2021 we managed to get in touch with HABIB, one of the most famous young artists in Russia recently.

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  4. MJLive - Who is Vlad Zotov?

    Vlad Zotov

    Who is Vlad Zotov? What kind of life does he live?

    To this and much more, MJ found the answer by talking to a young artist via video bridge.

    Take a closer look at the video:

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  5. MJYoungFest 2021-Vanya Dmitrienko

    Vanja Dmitrienko

    This is a 15-year-old young artist who appeared as if out of nowhere. Vanya Dmitrienko was born in Russia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk, but currently lives in Moscow. His most famous song, "Венера-Юпитер" (Venus-Jupiter), has amassed as many as 12.7 million views on Youtube in almost three months

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  6. MJYoungFest 2021- Vlad Zotov


    MJYoungFest announces another artist!

    Vlad Zotov-

    He is a russian-born artist whose potential reaches heights. His most recent song, "Мани Мани" is gathering tours on Tik Tok, Instagram, Yandex Music and other music portals.


    Vlad Zotiv also has other songs with high potency, such as:

    • Дорога
    • Галлюцинация

    MJYoungFest has previously been made in 2018 and 2019.
    2018 MJYoungFest

    2019 MJYoungFest

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  7. MJYoungfest comes again!

    MJYoungfest comes again!

    MJProduction once again hosts the popular MJYoungFest, which has gained good and bad fame.
    MJYoungFest has previously been made in 2018 and 2019.
    2018 MJ YoungFest

    2019 MJ YoungFest

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  8. Restrictions have made changes to the schedule of events

    Restrictions have made changes to the schedule of events
    Due to restrictions we have changes in our events!
    23.04.2021 RASA
    1.05.2021 Ruhi Vverh, Turbomoda,
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  9. MJLIVE with the duo "RASA"

    MJLIVE with the duo "RASA"

    14.01.2021- In the MJProduction office, an incoming Skype call rings at the agreed time, and we see the bright-eyed faces of Vitja and Dasha.

    Connection to the popular Russian couple duo "RASA" is available. Being aware of the latest events, we will congratulate them on their family growth.  Namely, in October 2020, their little daughter was born. When we asked about working with a child in showbusiness, they replied that there is nothing very complicated and supportive parents are there to help them. Surprisingly, the duo was able to perform when Dasha was pregnant in the 8th month. In answer to the question "Do you want more children?" we got "oh please no" The group will perform in Tallinn, Cathouse nightclub 12.02.2021!
    Vitja and Dasha have been together for 4 years. In the beginning, they only had great love and big plans for the future. As time went on, everything became more real and finally a duo called "RASA" was born.

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  10. MJProduction plans for 2021

    MJProduction plans for 2021

    MJProduction will summarize 2020. There are both good and worse moments in it. In addition, they will remove their cover from some of the plans for 2021.

    2020 was a very crazy and unpredictable year for everyone. We were able to see both the rainforest fires and the madness of the toilet paper. We were most affected by the great corona pandemic. People were not allowed to leave their homes, strict restrictions on businesses and the confusion within the government to administer support measures and so on.

    MJProduction had nine concerts planned in 2020, of which only 2 took place. These included the Morgernshtern concert on 21 February

    and 04.NILETTO concert held on Septebri


    "We look forward to seeing what this new meadow brings us. It is almost impossible to predict and plan ahead. At the moment, we have received a two-month salary allowance and a digital solutions grant at the end of 2020. In general, it's a big mess to get on with the entertainment world in the first place. Grants and benefits are distributed as they seek to get rid of this sector at the same time as more and more restrictions are being imposed. As Mr. Helme mentioned in the news, they have no political appetite for tourism and entertainment. The government does not dare to focus on concerns, but now prioritises other things. A lot of entertainment venues end up just closing the doors, and those who can survive have been hit very hard. We won't see it until the restrictions are over and people start to notice that when you make plans on Friday, your favourite club or restaurant is just closed and you have to stay home because this place that's open is already full of tree-lined people," says Aiko Henry Austrin, project manager at MJProduction.

    Plans for the new year-

    Not looking at big blows and event postponements, MJProduction doesn't give up. They're going to lift up their cover a little bit and tell them what their plans are for the new year.

    Ticketing platform– Being the organizers of the concerts themselves is an integral part of ticketing for each concert but often ticketing platforms are a condition that the payouts take place after the event has been staged. MJProduction has been through both fire and water when organising events and is taking matters into its own hands.

    Jüri Mets, head of MJProduction, comments on the plan in such a way "Seeing for ourselves how much a solution like ours makes life easier for an organizer we decided to shake hands with one of the developers of the systems and are currently developing a system on our website where it is possible for organizers to put their event up for sale. The big difference is that pa

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