How exhausting this two-assness is! One can and the other can "suck it"!

I apologize for the vocabulary if it hurts anyone, but I don't express myself any differently!
For starters, according to government regulation entry to the Republic of Estonia, there are no restrictions on the work and artists are coming to perform! (Performance is a gainful job!).
Therefore, i'm sorry, but what "artists are not allowed into the country" is a complete bluff.
Until mid-November, there were no restrictions on the halls with seating.
At the moment clubs have up to 250 people under restrictions, no more than 50% of capacity!
The restrictions were on clubs, which is ridiculous "the virus spreads in the club and only after 00:00 and only when drinking alcohol"!?! Recently, I read an article that PÖFF got an exception for organizing its event, and it's not funny anymore!
I'm sorry, but how will it be decided? Somebody can and somebody can't?
Or does the state only give the right to "own" and others have to comply with the measures prescribed by the State?

Last week I communicated with EMTA and it became clear that a payment schedule for the fulfilment of obligations would not be set up, citing the fact that I have a lot of late payments this year!
Hmm- there was an immediate question. State don't let us work, but we pay taxes on time?
At the same time, I have heard many times how the government and emta have said "Let us know and we will find a solution."
It's time to go to court against the State!
If the state has come up with measures and bans, then before they are introduced, it is necessary to figure out how tourism and entertainment will stay alive because they will be most affected by the restrictions!
Excuse me, what should entrepreneurs live about?
I'd also be happy to sit on a stand with a €6,000 monthly salary, swinging on a chair and picking a nose. With such a life, it would probably be as much a graft as is the case with our esteemed government.
Knowing most of the owners of Estonian clubs and interacting with them, no one wants to comment, i guess everyone is scared! But what happens next?
Where are the sums that the country took, 6 billion, gone?
Personally, we couldn't even get a mda! In the spring, yes, we received three times the minimum wage support, and now we have to live with it for a year?
The honourable Government probably has no way of understanding what to do with people who work in tourism and entertainment?
Will someone give us an answer?

The methods offered by the state are for the rich, such as "PORTO FRANKO", etc.
Let them build luxury apartments and sell them!
How did the virus affect them - did the bricks become infected? There are many examples like this! For most of the population,
restrictions are simply imposed without any compensation, so live the way you can! Yes, I believe the virus is and will remain along, but it will not cancel life and payment of bills! There's only one answer for the rulers!
See you at the election! I used to really think that the middle ground is better than the reformists,
but it turned out to be a complete jar! I'm not saying anything about EKRE, they only have one problem - same-sex marriages.