Egor Ship

Egor Ship will give again a dizzying concert on September 10. 2022 in MJClub, Tallinn!

Tickets are in sale here!

Previous concert was a hot one!

Born in Moscow in 2002, Egor Vladimirovich Korablin is a prime example of a new generation
how to make it at a young age using only social media.- Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.
The young man has a sporty lifestyle and before his career as a blogger and singer, he also played football to which he thought he would dedicate his whole life.
It has also become clear to Egor at an early stage to avoid the greatest threat in the entertainment landscape. That is privacy. Today, no one is sure when is his real birthday,
who is his mother or where he lives at all. He is known to have two sisters and one brother and a father as a successful businessman.
His family fully supports his activities and endeavors. It was seen when a young man bet with his father that he could hit the ball with his foot more than a hundred times
as it was one of his first self-earned sums of money or early reading skills helped by his grandmother.

Having studied at the composer Igor Krutoi Academy of Folk Music, which specializes in training young performers, composers and dancers, Egor has already gained a very good lead at a young age.
He has been a co-host, and has hosted various television projects. More seriously, Egor started his career in 2019 and was very focused on the quality of his videos.
In September of the same year, the young man also releaced his first song "Одним цветом" (Read: One Color), after which he became even more famous. This hit was followed by many megapopular songs which
has made Egor a hugely popular and famous pop star today.

Artist's most famous songs:



"Как твои дела"