Galibri & Mavik

The megapopular duo Galibri & Mavik will perform in Tallinn club MJClub on April 22, 2022!

Galibri & Mavik - The new famous duo of the post-Soviet space, which includes Jevgeni Truhin (Galibri) and Alexandr Fomenkof (Mavik). Their duo was created completely by accident and in the beginning they did not even believe in great success but after the release of the first single "Federico Fellini" their opinion changed. In just a few days, they became famous not only in Russia but all over the world. Their song was heard over eight million times in a few days. After such success, it was decided to move on with the duo and create new compositions. Today, they are aspiring artists in the global entertainment business and are invited to events ranging from private parties to major festivals.

Jevgeny Truhin (Galibri) - Born in the village of Beltyug in the Kirov region. He is known as a sound producer. The famous songs like "Краш" (Klava Koka & Niletto), "Ягода-малинка" (HABIB), "Не корона" (Vavan and Noggano) was done by him. Very little is generally known about him. The thing may be that he is a new artist and his private life information has not been exposed yet. Looking at his interactions with the mass media, he remains very brief when it comes to private life. This attitude is also very correct as it adds mystery to the artist.

Alexandr Fomenkof (Mavik) -Born in Belaya Kalitva Rostov region on May 31, 1984. He is the owner of the record company FOMENKOF music. Through him, the entertainment world has gained new names such as HABIB, САМЕДЛИ, БУГИМЕН and others. He is happily married to his wife Svetlana and they have a daughter named Alexandra who often makes videos of various challenges with her parents.

Top songs:

-Федерико Феллини