Hellad Velled

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Hellad velled is a men's band formed in 2003, which includes Mart Peedo, Märt Loddes and Runno "John" Tamra.
In addition, the band also features Kalev Tilk on the accordion and Erik Hover on the keyboards. They are the absolute flagship of Estonian party music and this can be understood from the large baggage of their concert venues.
Namely, this band has been going through all kinds of stages during their 19 years, starting with the outdoor stage of Kiiu Hoov and ending with Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.
The band member describes the course of their composition over time as follows:

The band has made many songs that every Estonian knows. Their repertoire includes songs such as "18", "Tee lahti mu lukud", "Pidu läheb käima" and many more.
Certainly many have noticed that someof their songs sound familiar. This is because it is a cover. The band has never hid it that if they like someone else 's soundtrack,
it' s not a sin to redo it with Estonian words. And looking at the fame of these songs then they are not mistaken. It should be noted here that
this is not plagiarism and Hellad Velled has always mentioned the actual author of the soundtracks used! -Hat off and a deep bow!

The most famous songs of the band are:

"Mulle meeldib"

"Selline tunne"

"Poeg on kodus"