MJLIVE with the duo "RASA"

14.01.2021- In the MJProduction office, an incoming Skype call rings at the agreed time, and we see the bright-eyed faces of Vitja and Dasha.

Connection to the popular Russian couple duo "RASA" is available. Being aware of the latest events, we will congratulate them on their family growth.  Namely, in October 2020, their little daughter was born. When we asked about working with a child in showbusiness, they replied that there is nothing very complicated and supportive parents are there to help them. Surprisingly, the duo was able to perform when Dasha was pregnant in the 8th month. In answer to the question "Do you want more children?" we got "oh please no" The group will perform in Tallinn, Cathouse nightclub 12.02.2021!
Vitja and Dasha have been together for 4 years. In the beginning, they only had great love and big plans for the future. As time went on, everything became more real and finally a duo called "RASA" was born.
Today, the duo has grown megapopular. Citing as an example their song "Ptselovod". The song has over 334 million views and over 66,000 comments.

When we asked them if this song meant anything to them and how it came about, we got the answer that the song is about 'chilling' and it came about just like that.
Examining how the corona restrictions have affected them, the duo responds that there are far fewer concerts and, of course, they already long to shine on the stage.
Previously, they could not make music at home because the apartment was rented, but now they have their own studio in their apartment, which is very good for them. In addition, they mention that the Russian audience is starting to become a whim because concerts are still taking place there and they are already waiting to get to Europe and the Baltics because they are received here in a good mood and with good looks.

Knowing that artists also have different Instagram accounts, we asked do someone hit on them?
Vitja: Yes, I understand, but no and it would be pointless because i am taken already...
We did not receive a direct answer from Dasha, but Vitja's reaction gives us many signals. Dasha also stated that he does not read new messages because there are just too many of them.

As artists, they are very friendly and calm people. It is very nice to work with them and it is understandable that artists are also people.
We asked them if they were fighting, to which they replied "yes, we are humans too, but we will come to an agreement very quickly".
Watch the full-length Russian interview here: