LOBODA gives a concert in Tallinn on 12.08.2022!


Svetlana loboda, who was born on October 18, 1982 in Kiev, is strong and confident artist. Her life has been through fire, water and copper pipes. In her youth, Loboda was involved in figure skating but after the accident and the loss of front teeth, the artist has not dared to return to the ice for a long time until 2017. And there has been no need. Lobada was already born to sing. At birth, her mother knew immediately that the daughter follows in the footsteps of her grandmother Lyudmila Loboda. Namely, Loboda's grandmother was a soloist at the Kiev Opera House but chose love instead of the stage. It was also her grandmother who encouraged Svetlana to continue her studies in the field of music. Loboda studied piano, conducting and pop-jazz vocals at a young age, but already in her first year of study she realized that just learning is boring. At the same time, she got a chance to join music collective "Капучино" (Read: cappuccino). Over time, it became clear to Svetlana that this was not what she wanted to do, but she could not leave the group due to a long-term contract. After leaving the "Капучино" group, the artist changed her style and performed for a while under the name of alter ego Alicia Gorn. In the end, Loboda was annoyed by the constant hiding and brought together a new group "Кетч" (Read: Ketch) in which her role was as a vocalist, producer etc. After a while, she caught the eye of composer Konstantin Meladze who
was looking for a new singer for his group "ВИА Гра" (Read: Viagra) which Lobada became a part of. In this ensemble, too, Svetlana's goal was to become a solo singer, and already 5 months later, Lobada decided to leave the group.

Solo career
After leaving the group "ВИА Гра", Svetlana and her manager Aleksandr Shirkov created the company S&A Music Group, which had the right to perform songs and other rights. After a month, the first song appeared called "Черно-белая зима" (Read: black and white winter) and a year later another song "Я забуду тебя" was released (Read: I forget you). These composions also received worldwide attention and won the award for the best foreign clips in Portugal. The first album was released in 2005 and was called "Ты не забудешь" (Read: You will not forget). After Eurovision 2009 performance of Loboda, who represented Ukraine at the song contest, Svetlana's and Aleksandr's ways parted as a result of which Shirkov forbade Svtlana the use of the Svetlana Loboda trademark.
After the incident, Svetlana registered the trademark LOBODA in 2010, under which she still performs today. In June 2013, Lobada was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of Ukraine" which proves the great success of the artist and was followed in 2015 by the title of the most popular woman in Ukraine. February 14, 2017 Lobada made a bold move to enter the Kremlin "Муз-ТВ" (Read: Muz-TV) Valentine’s Day concert on stage in a translucent short skirt. The media, covering the event, wrote about the situation as if Lobada had been on stage almost naked.

The most famous songs of the artist are:

-Твои Глаза