lusia chebotina

Lusia Chebotina delights Estonian fans and gives a concert at MJclub in Tallinn on 17th of June, 2022!

Lyudmila Andreevna Chebotina is a girl born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on April 26, 1997, who is an example to many. She has proven that passion for music and art
and consistency leads to the goal. Her life has been like a carousel. At a young age, she was already interested in music and gave performances to kindergarten teachers, after which her parents were advised to develop the talents of the young talent even more. We don't know who her mother and father are because the artist doesn't want or talk about her family's life, protecting them from excessive fan curiosity. At a very early age the family moved to Moscow. It turned out that life in the capital is not very easy, and at first the family found it difficult to cope. This prompted the young artist to move further towards her dreams. As a young girl, Lyudmila participated in various music projects and TV shows, such as "Лови момент" (Grab the Moment), "Детская площадка" (playground) and an episodic role in the magazine for children "Ералаше" (Eralash).
Her idol was Whitney Huston, from whom she learned that the artist needed its own style. She had no problem with that, as her voice was very strong and easily distinguishable from the voices of other children. After graduating from secondary school, the future star began studying as a vocal teacher at the college, after which she also earned a living as a background singer in karaoke. Not much is known about her personal life, but we know that the artist is not married. Throughout her career, there has been a lot of speculation about various relationships, such as with YurKiss, Nikita Alexeyev and the moment when ljudmilla would be almost married but at the last moment she realized it was not for her. She wants fate to bring her the "right one" and is willing to wait.

Since Lyudmila has become accustomed to stage shows at a young age and each performance has increased her appetite for fame and larger stages, it is no wonder that the artist has participated in so many competitions. Like any young person who wants fame, she started posting on the social media famous singers songs covers. At the same time, the girl began to take part in various competitions and music projects. She attracted more attention by participating in the Ukrainian TV project "Голос країни" (the voice of the state), which focused on finding talents.

In order to participate in the program, the artist had to spend a large amount of money that she did not have, but with the help of her supportive mother, this concern was resolved. The artist realized that for the growing talent, music projects is a good place to start. Returning inspired by Ukraine, the young talent began to cultivate and improve herself even more vigorously. She started making even better videos, which she posted on Instagram. It increased her audience to a hundred thousand. She also started composing songs, one of the most popular of which was "Отпусти" (Release) which he recorded with the famous rapper Dzhigan.

So she undertook another project "Dil Hai Hindustani" which is an Indian TV talent competition where performers only have to perform Bollywood songs in Hindi.
She had no major problems with that, as she and her mother are big fans of Indian cinema.

To date, the artist has released several hugely popular singles, the most famous of which are:

-Солнце Монако

-Coming Out