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Misha Marvin comes to Estonia and gives a concert at MJClub!

Misha Marvin or Mihail Rešetnjak is a future big star born on July 15, 1989 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. His childhood was normal but what distinguished him from other adolescents
was his burning passion for music. He studied well and after graduating from high school in 2006, he moved to Kiev to try his hand at entertainment business. A great passion for music drove the young man to receive a professional education and therefore he entered the Academy of Senior Staff in Culture and the Arts (Department of Musicology).
He started his music career as a student. He had the opportunity to join the boy's band, but it didn't last long. Apart from a few compositions that only cost them a camera rental, the group disintegrated. At the same time, Misha was expelled from school for not arriving on time on his final exam. Most of his time, he was robbed of participating in a boy's boyfriend, which the singer is a little ashamed of today due to its unprofessionalism. He wrote the lyrics himself and, as is good for a good songwriter, he realized that he had to put his feeling into his songs. In doing so, one cannot wonder that his talent was soon noticed.
2013 was a life-changing year for Misha. His friend, with whom they had just written a song, introduced him to Pavel Kuryanov, director of one of Russia's most famous record companies, Black Star Inc. Pavel helped the young man start his career right away, and Misha's first task was to help the artist ХАННА (read: Hanna) prepare the album. Misha has also worked for several other well-known artists' albums and songs such as Egor Kreed 's album "Холостяк" (read: bachelor), MOT' s song "Кислород" (read: oxygen) performed by MOT with the band VIA Gra.
In 2015, Misha tried to sing for himself, and the song "Ну что за дела" (read: what's going on) was confirmation fot that. The song turned out to be so good, with the originally planned performers Misha and DJ Kan, joined also Rapper Timati. Even today's pop diva Olga Buzova participated in the recording of the music video for the same song.
In 2016, Misha released the first solo song "Ненавижу" (read: I hate), which was also a milestone in the artist's video quality.
Today, Misha Marvin has terminated his partnership with Black Star Inc.

The most famous songs


-МИША МАРВИН & ХАННА - Французский Поцелуй


--Миша Марвин - С ней