Today on 16.04.2021 we managed to get in touch with HABIB, one of the most famous young artists in Russia recently.

HABIB (Khabib Sharipov) is a 30-year-old energetic singer and blogger. Khabib was born in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. Before the start of his great artistic career, Khabib made covers to other artists songs and did blogging. Today, however, he is conquering larger and larger stage tables.

While living in Kazan, he studied law and tried his hand at a criminologist's career. He began his larger star flight in the 2018. Russian TV project "Песни" (Songs), where only 18 performers plus 1 amature singer could participate. Initially, his performance was disliked by the jury and he was not chosen, but fate gave Khabib a chance, and the crowd chose him as the show's 19th singer. The artist has millions of contributors today.

His most famous songs are:

Ягода малинка (Raspberry) 153 mln views


Грустинка (Sadness) 12 mln views


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