It doesn't always have to be about money - MJProduction donated 500 tickets to under-ed families

As The Ad said , "Nothing like this has never been seen in Estonia before". It couldn't have been better.

The year is 2017,30th December. Santa's already gone, but christmas miracles are still happening. At 4:00 p.m., people begin to gather at the Tondiraba Ice Rink to see something that makes them speechless. There's no free space left at 6:00.
The hall is filled with the eager sounds of happy children and sparkling toys that offer beautiful show. When the first musical note strikes, the hall creates a brooding silence and the Alice in Wonderland Ice Show begins.

The fact that the organiser of the event, MJProduction, has given 500 free invitations to MTÜ Aitame Vähekindlustatud Peresid can also be considered a Christmasime.
"It is not always important to make money, but the bright eyes of the children are the greatest thanks!" said Diana Suun, member of the Board of Directors of MTÜ Aitame Vähekindlustatud Peresid (Järva Parish page)
MJProduction, for its part, adds that they hav never considered charities and donations a taboo subject. Especially when it comes to holidays where no one should be deprived of joy.