DzhaRo & Hanza

Will perform the super duo DzhaRo & Hanza

It is a duo of two friends Orhan Orujov and Han Avakyan, who have been friends since childhood. The fact that both Orhan and Han were both born in Armenia in 1993 is a good start to a future star journey. Orhan and Han were classmates and, despite the differences in character, they immediately 'bonded'.
Orhan is calmer and more secretive in nature, but Han is the soul of the party. Since childhood, they have written music and poetry and attended a music school together where they decided to become artists. The duo writes their own creations. Han writes music and Orhan deals with words and poetry. Their genre is hip-hop rap, and the duo is able to squeeze out the last drop that attracts millions of fans.

Having been involved in music since childhood, the duo decided to start building their own career. The duo started on the social network VKontakte where they created their own page called Джаро & Ханза. On this page, they published their new songs. Their style was and remained hip-hop rap, but since the duo deliberately targeted the Russian audience, they had to do something that would stand out. They focused on writing profound texts. And it worked! The song "Масти", released in 2017, brought them long-awaited attention, and the duo was invited to travel to Moscow to start playing music on a professional level.

Arriving in Moscow in 2018, the duo unveiled their first music video for the song "ДамаLove" but it didn't get as much attention as the YouTube video for the same song. In the same year, before the music video was released, the duo, in cooperation with the studio "Союз", released the next hit called "Белладонна".
The biggest breakthrough can be considered the duo's song "Королева танцпола" released in July 2019, which has collected more than 54 million listings to date.
Their success accompanied them the following year when they released a song called "Ты мой кайф" which has nearly 111 million listings to date. In addition to all this, the duo also writes lyrics and music for other Russian artists.

Personal life
Orhan and Han are people with different personalities. Orhan can be described as a calm, secretive and quieter person. However, the same cannot be said of Han.
Han is an energetic person with outstanding charisma and a cheerful attitude to life. The duo values their families very much, and although they have decided to
stay in Russia, they are visiting their families in Armenia. However, they should not be misunderstood. They both like the extremes that are reflected in surfing, skydiving, motorcycling and much more.