MJYoungfest comes again!

MJProduction once again hosts the popular MJYoungFest, which has gained good and bad fame.
MJYoungFest has previously been made in 2018 and 2019.
2018 MJ YoungFest

2019 MJ YoungFest

MJYoungFest 2021 announces the first artist!

MJ YoungFest is an event for young people, where artists from both Estonia and Russia will perform.
The event has also sparked outrage in the past. Namely, a small group of people have been concerned about the impact of the lyrics at the event on young people. You can read more about this here.

Jüri Mets, the main organizer of the event, speaks:
"We have been asked several times during the coronapandemia whether we have repeated MJYoungFest.
Unfortunately, such a large event could not be held then but now we are making up for lost time and giving everyone a chance. This year's event will be a little different from the previous ones. Namely, we believe that the economic situation caused by the corona may not be very commendable and that, as a result, not everyone can afford to participate in the event. We decided we'd give everyone a chance to buy a ticket. Namely, this year we're going to make a price squirm and also share free passes on our Facebook live broadcasts. Who is attentive and whose desire is great to get to the festival will surely get an affordable opportunity if you follow our activities on social media and on our website. So everyone should get a chance to come and enjoy the long-awaited party"