Megapopulr artist Ramil is coming to Tallinn in 03.09.2021 to make a concert. Tickets are alrady in sale!

Ramil Alimov is a 21-year-old artist from Nizhny Novgorod. An athletic young man has always considered sports an important part of his life. Before he started his music career
Ramil studied to be a welder. Alimov has been a music lover since his early days and then played the piano, which helped him get a special education at a music school.

The turning point of Alimov's career can be considered the year 2018, when he received the first offer to make music like a real star.
Ramil also immediately found out about the darker side of the entertainment world, and in 2019 he was involved in the first scandal where the duo HammAli & Navai accused the young man
in the plagiarism of the artist's song "Айбала", as a result of which Ramil had to delete the song from all platforms, but the artist did not give up and over time
he proved the originality of his song.

His first major hits are:

"Хочешь со мной"

"Бомба Лейла"

"Пускай соль по венам"