Raunstein- Estonia's first Rammstein tributeband take sthe stage of MJClub on 26'th of November

On 26.11.2022, the Rammstein tribute band Raunstein will give a concert at the Tallinn night club MJClub!

Raunstein is Estonia's first Rammstein tribute band, which was called together by multi-instrumentalist and band guitarist Rauno Pella in September 2020.
Initially, the goal was to get together for just one evening, but after the first successful concert in Pärnu, it was decided to continue the activity.

The band aims to perform Rammstein's songs with maximum musical authenticity, accompanied by a powerful light and pyrotechnic show with personalized costumes and the theatrics typical of the original band.

Since all members of the band have cultivated heavier music in the past, we can expect a high-energy testosterone-filled industrial metal concert that should not leave anyone cold.
The performance will include hits from all eight Rammstein albums released so far, including the most recent album "Zeit", which was released on April 29 of this year.

Raunstein is:
Soloist: Toomas Kolk
Guitarist: Lauri Karu
Keyboard player: Emil Raja
Bass player: Hannes Vellend
Drummer: Sven Seinpere
Guitarist: Rauno Pella


Tickets are available here

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