08.10.2021 an extraordinarily nostalgic Estonian 90s party takes place in Tallinn, Club MJClub!

Estonia's hottest pop artists of the 90s and zeros are present.
*Caater & Mari-Liis
*Merlyn Uusküla

NANCY biography
Nancy Himma (formerly known as Nancy Rink) is a pop musician born in Estonia on May 23, 1965. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Els Himma, the artist began her career in 1994 on the Viking Line ship performing with the dance troupe Mainor. Her presentation caught the eye of many, and since then, with the help of acquaintances, the artist has had a solo career. The artist's hottest times were in 1995-2000. Despite the artist's past high point, she is still known today and the artist still does what he loves and gives concerts. Nancy has also been married.

The artist's most famous songs are:

Hellalt hoia mind

Nii jälle riskin


ASTRA biography
Astra Põder, who won second place in the singing competition "Kaks takti ette" in 1995, is an Estonian singer born on February 3, 1970. Many have heard her voice in "Radio 2" radio commercials. In the same year, the artist released her first songs such as "Sinuga" and "Lend". After a short break, Astra began her solo career. The artist is still active and gives concerts at various festivals but also in nightclubs.

The artist's most famous songs are:


Kas tõesti on nii


Biography of CAATER and Mari-Liis
The band, which released its first album in 1997, is one of the most popular in Estonia in its style. The band includes Kalle Kukk, Markku Tiidumaa and Andrus Lang. At its peak in 1999 band received a lot of attention and received The "Golden Disc" award for the song "O Si Ne Ne" at the Estonian Music Awards. The same year brought them even more attention when their album was awarded the album of the year. In just six years, the band was able to release as many as ten albums.
Mari-Liis Rahumets was a teenager when she started her career. Looking back to the 90's, the artist is convinced that every artist of that time would describe these times as 'crazy times'. Today, Mari-liis works as a teacher and also in the hobby center.

Their most famous songs are:

O Si Ne Ne

II Dimensioon

Mis tegema nüüd Pean

Biography of Merlyn Uusküla
Born in 1984, Merlyn Uusküla is a very diverse person. In 2007, the artist graduated from Pärnu College of the University of Tartu with a bachelor's degree, where she studied tourism and hotel business. Artist has also obtained a master's degree in international business management at the Estonian Business School. The artist has also tried her hand at acting and as a reporter. In 1993-1998 she sang in the Ellerheina children's choir. Merlyn Uusküla has also participated in many television projects, such as "Laulukarussell", "Tähtede laul" and "Kaks takti ette".

The biggest breakthrough in Merlyn Uusküla's music career can be considered the year 2004, when she was the main vocalist of the popular girl band "Nexus". The band also included Janne Saar and Helen Randmäe. The leader of the band was Vahur Valgmaa with the alias Peter Ross. Their album "Nii kuum" with one of their most famous songs "Nii kuum" became one of the most memorable works. In 2004, Nexus released another album called "Nexus 2." In 2005, the band changed direction and started performing live. In 2006, the Nexus went out of business. After that, in 2007 Merlyn Uusküla started her solo career. Being the author of her own songs, in the following years there were many new songs. To date, the artist has created over 25 songs and has also released a couple of albums.

The artist's most popular songs:

Raju reede

Jälle 18