1. Shanon in Tallinn 19.02.2022 at MJClub!

    Reality & Shanon

    For the first time in the Estonian TV, Media and Entertainment landscape, it is you who can party with the heroes of the TV series "Poissmeeste Pidu"!

    At the event, Liisi, Carola, Tiiu, Hanna, Eliise, Elza, Kevin and many others will heat up the air and add tension. A favorite of many, Shanon, will perform on stage with their new and old songs.

    The aforementioned TV series "Poissmeeste Pidu" is TV3's new real-life series where four single young man who are looking for "the right one" get together. The show takes place in Viimsi 18+ Spa, which has allocated to the participants a whole water center with endless alcohol and comfortable hotel rooms. During the show, boys try to find a partner for life, and this is helped by a tablet where the young men can look for a partner for the party.

    Shanon, a pop rock band started under the leadership of Janek Hariku, started his music career in 2007. Like most long-term bands, Shanon has many bandmembers through the

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  2. LOBODA gives a concert in Tallinn on 5.02.2022!

    LOBODA gives a concert in Tallinn on 5.02.2022!


    Svetlana loboda, who was born on October 18, 1982 in Kiev, is strong and confident artist. Her life has been through fire, water and copper pipes. In her youth, Loboda was involved in figure skating but after the accident and the loss of front teeth, the artist has not dared to return to the ice for a long time until 2017. And there has been no need. Lobada was already born to sing. At birth, her mother knew immediately that the daughter follows in the footsteps of her grandmother Lyudmila Loboda. Namely, Loboda's grandmother was a soloist at the Kiev Opera House but chose love instead of the stage. It was also her grandmother who encouraged Svetlana to continue her studies in the field of music. Loboda studied piano, conducting and pop-jazz vocals at a young age, but already in her first year of study she realized that just learning is boring. At the same time, she got a chance to join music collective "Капучино" (Read: cappuccino). Over time, it became

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  3. MJYoungFest 4.03.22 - Джаро & Ханза

    At 03.12.2021 MJYoungFest 2021 will perform the super duo Джаро & Ханза. Tickets are already in sale!

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