Pandemic in MJProduction - Events are as they are

MJProduction, like many other event organisers, looks at the corona pandemic and snaks his head.
It's very difficult to plan anything in advance these days. One day coverment will decide to ban the sale of alcohol, the second day it will be replaced by a restriction on the opening hours of a nightclub. It is very difficult to organise events against this background because one day you have to consider one
restriction, but before the event takes place it will change to something new and it will have to revisit everything on the organisational side.
MJProduction hasn't let his head down and is going to make it full-on.
To their surprise, they were able to perform a club concert with the foreign artist Niletto in the middle of the corona pandemic.

MJProduction is also quietly hatching conspiracy, which comes as a surprise to many. They're not going to waste time.

According to Jüri Mets, founder and leader of MJProduction, the corona pandemic is a good time where the entertainment market becomes clearer and the weaker and stronger will confirm their places. They have a lot of plans, but they have yet to comment on what specific.
Recently, on MJPRoduction social media one may have noticed that they have begun to deal with something unusual. In particular, video calls with various artists have appeared there.
"Ruki Vverh" band - Aleksey Potehin and Sergey Bogdanov

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