Juri Shatunov

MJClub and MJProduction will hold a memorial concert in honor of Yuri Shatunov.

A memorial concert will be held in honor of the legend Yuri Shatunov on August 20. 2022 in Tallinn, club MJClub, Parda 9!

Yuri Shatunov was, is and will remain a legend who came out of a more difficult childhood and worked himself to the top.
Born in Kumertau in September 6th, 1973, Mr Yuri was left in the care of his mother by his father when he was three years old. When Shatunov turned 11, his mother also left because of her heart disease.
After that, he remained in the care of his aunt and maternal grandparents for some time. It didn't take long when his aunt and grandparents could not compete with Shatunov 's behavior, and
he was soon sent to Orenburg Orphanage No. 2. Shatunov dropped out of school and started earning money playing music on the street. In 1986, Yuri Shatunov

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