1. Raunstein- Estonia's first Rammstein tributeband take sthe stage of MJClub on 26'th of November

    Raunstein- Estonia's first Rammstein tributeband take sthe stage of MJClub on 26'th of November

    On 26.11.2022, the Rammstein tribute band Raunstein will give a concert at the Tallinn night club MJClub!

    Raunstein is Estonia's first Rammstein tribute band, which was called together by multi-instrumentalist and band guitarist Rauno Pella in September 2020.
    Initially, the goal was to get together for just one evening, but after the first successful concert in Pärnu, it was decided to continue the activity.

    The band aims to perform Rammstein's songs with maximum musical authenticity, accompanied by a powerful light and pyrotechnic show with personalized costumes and the theatrics typical of the original band.

    Since all members of the band have cultivated heavier music in the past, we can expect a high-energy testosterone-filled industrial metal concert that should not leave anyone cold.
    The performance will include hits from all eight Rammstein albums released so far, including the

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  2. A memorial concert in honor of Yuri Shatunov.

    Juri Shatunov

    MJClub and MJProduction will hold a memorial concert in honor of Yuri Shatunov.

    A memorial concert will be held in honor of the legend Yuri Shatunov on August 20. 2022 in Tallinn, club MJClub, Parda 9!

    Yuri Shatunov was, is and will remain a legend who came out of a more difficult childhood and worked himself to the top.
    Born in Kumertau in September 6th, 1973, Mr Yuri was left in the care of his mother by his father when he was three years old. When Shatunov turned 11, his mother also left because of her heart disease.
    After that, he remained in the care of his aunt and maternal grandparents for some time. It didn't take long when his aunt and grandparents could not compete with Shatunov 's behavior, and
    he was soon sent to Orenburg Orphanage No. 2. Shatunov dropped out of school and started earning money playing music on the street. In 1986, Yuri Shatunov

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  3. Lusia Chebotina gives a concert in Tallinn June 17, 2022!

    lusia chebotina

    Lusia Chebotina delights Estonian fans and gives a concert at MJclub in Tallinn on 17th of June, 2022!

    Lyudmila Andreevna Chebotina is a girl born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on April 26, 1997, who is an example to many. She has proven that passion for music and art
    and consistency leads to the goal. Her life has been like a carousel. At a young age, she was already interested in music and gave performances to kindergarten teachers, after which her parents were advised to develop the talents of the young talent even more. We don't know who her mother and father are because the artist doesn't want or talk about her family's life, protecting them from excessive fan curiosity. At a very early age the family moved to Moscow. It turned out that life in the capital is not very easy, and at first the family found it difficult to cope. This prompted the young artist to move further

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  4. Megapopular DJ Boris Brejcha is coming to Tallinn on June 24, 2022!

    Boris Brejcha

    "Fckng Serious"-Boris Brejcha, the world-famous symbol of the techno music landscape, is coming to Estonia on June 24, 2022!

    Born in 1981, Boris Brejcha started his musical education in his childhood. His first two releases in 2006, “Monster” and “Yellow Kitchen” were released on the Berlin label Autist Records. A few EPs later, Boris moved from Autist Records to Harthouse. With tracks like “Die Maschinen Sind Gestrandet” and “Lost Memory”, he combined his unique sound with a maximum of varieties. Consequently, he became the “exceptional Talent 2007” in the electronic music magazine Raveline. Boris also created his second alias called “ANNA” in 2007 and had some groundbreaking releases on Autist Records. After four years of touring, three albums and lots of singles, Boris became a constant favorite in today's club scene. With his ambition and desire for new and experimental musical directions, he shows hi

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  5. KAZKA gives a concert in Tallinn at MJClub on 21. May 2022.!


    KAZKA takes the stage in Tallinn on 21th of May 2022!

    KAZKA will give a concert on May 21, 2022 in Tallinn, MJClub!

    The ensemble Kazka was formed in the beginning of 2017 under the music brand Mamamusic. In addition to soloist Alexandra Zaritskaya, the band originally included guitarist and keyboardist Nikita Budash and was later joined by Dmitri Mazuriak,
    who was responsible for playing the woodwind instruments. The first single "Свята" (read: svyata) was released on the first day of spring. At the end of the year, the band was ranked 9th in the charts of the most modified songs
    and the band itself received the YUNA Award in the "Breakthrough of 2017" category.
    The fall of 2017 started for Alexandra and Nikita, participating in the 8th season of "X-Factor". Each judge took on a participant, so KAZKA reached out to Andrey Danilko.
    They perf

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  6. Galibri & Mavik will perform in Tallinn 22.04.2022!

    Galibri & Mavik

    The megapopular duo Galibri & Mavik will perform in Tallinn club MJClub on April 22, 2022!

    Galibri & Mavik - The new famous duo of the post-Soviet space, which includes Jevgeni Truhin (Galibri) and Alexandr Fomenkof (Mavik). Their duo was created completely by accident and in the beginning they did not even believe in great success but after the release of the first single "Federico Fellini" their opinion changed. In just a few days, they became famous not only in Russia but all over the world. Their song was heard over eight million times in a few days. After such success, it was decided to move on with the duo and create new compositions. Today, they are aspiring artists in the global entertainment business and are invited to events ranging from private parties to major festivals.

    Jevgeny Truhin (Galibri) - Born in

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  7. Egor Ship in Tallinn on 10 Sep. 2022, MJClub!

    Egor Ship

    Egor Ship will give again a dizzying concert on September 10. 2022 in MJClub, Tallinn!

    Tickets are in sale here!

    Previous concert was a hot one!

    Born in Moscow in 2002, Egor Vladimirovich Korablin is a prime example of a new generation
    how to make it at a young age using only social media.- Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.
    The young man has a sporty lifestyle and before his career as a blogger and singer, he also played football to which he thought he would dedicate his whole life.
    It has also become clear to Egor at an early stage to avoid the greatest threat in the entertainment landscape. That is privacy. Today,

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  8. Hellad Velled at New Years Eve in MJClub!

    Hellad Velled

    Spend the New Year with Hellad Velled at MJClub, 31.12.2021!

    Hellad velled is a men's band formed in 2003, which includes Mart Peedo, Märt Loddes and Runno "John" Tamra.
    In addition, the band also features Kalev Tilk on the accordion and Erik Hover on the keyboards. They are the absolute flagship of Estonian party music and this can be understood from the large baggage of their concert venues.
    Namely, this band has been going through all kinds of stages during their 19 years, starting with the outdoor stage of Kiiu Hoov and ending with Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.
    The band member describes the course of their composition over time as follows:

    The band has made many songs that every Estonian knows. Their repertoire includes songs such as "18", "Tee lahti mu lukud", "Pidu läheb käima" and many more.
    Certainly many have noticed that someof their songs sound familiar. This is because it is a cover. Th

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  9. Retrolaks Oct 8, 2021 - Estonia's Most Nostalgic Retro Concert!


    08.10.2021 an extraordinarily nostalgic Estonian 90s party takes place in Tallinn, Club MJClub!

    Estonia's hottest pop artists of the 90s and zeros are present.
    *Caater & Mari-Liis
    *Merlyn Uusküla

    NANCY biography
    Nancy Himma (formerly known as Nancy Rink) is a pop musician born in Estonia on May 23, 1965. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Els Himma, the artist began her career in 1994 on the Viking Line ship performing with the dance troupe Mainor. Her presentation caught the eye of many, and since then, with the help of acquaintances, the artist has had a solo career. The artist's hottest times were in 1995-2000. Despite the artist's past high point, she is still known today and the artist still does what he loves and gives concerts. Nancy has also been married.

    The artist's most famous songs are:

    Hellalt hoia mind

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  10. Aria gives a concert in Tallinn On 14.05.2022


    The megapopular Russian rock band Aria is heating the air at Parda 9 in Tallinn, in the MJClub club!

    The Aria rock band started in 1985. Since then, the band has had several different members. Aria's band was started by Vladimir Holstinin and Alik Granovsky.
    The band's birthday is considered to be the completion of the album "Megalomania" on October 31, 1985. Aria gave their first concert on February 5, 1986. Their popularity grew despite the media's ignorance.
    In November 1986, Aria released their second album "С Кем Ты?" (Read: Who are you with?). By that time, the band had disagreements over both the direction the band was heading and Viktor Vekshtein's leadership skills.
    After the tour in January 1987, Granovsky, Bolshakov, Molchanov, Pokrovsky left Aria and formed the thrash metal band "Мастер" (Read: Master). They were replaced by Vitaly Dubinin as bassist, Sergey Mavrin as second guitarist and Maxim Udalov on drums.
    At their first big perform

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