1. Pandemic in MJProduction - Events are as they are

    Pandemic in MJProduction - Events are as they are

    MJProduction, like many other event organisers, looks at the corona pandemic and snaks his head.
    It's very difficult to plan anything in advance these days. One day coverment will decide to ban the sale of alcohol, the second day it will be replaced by a restriction on the opening hours of a nightclub. It is very difficult to organise events against this background because one day you have to consider one
    restriction, but before the event takes place it will change to something new and it will have to revisit everything on the organisational side.
    MJProduction hasn't let his head down and is going to make it full-on.
    To their surprise, they were able to perform a club concert with the foreign artist Niletto in the middle of the corona pandemic.

    MJProduction is also quietly hatching conspiracy, which comes as a surprise to many. They're not going to waste time.

    According to Jüri Mets, founder and leader of MJProduction, the corona pandemic is a good time where the entertainment market becomes clearer and the weaker and stronger will confirm their places. They have a lot of plans, but they have yet to comment on what specific.
    Recently, on MJPRoduction social media one may have noticed that they have begun to deal with something unusual. In particular, video calls with various artists have appeared there.
    "Ruki Vverh" band - Aleksey Potehin and Sergey Bogdanov

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  2. WHAT'S GOING ON?! Corona hits waves and on them surfs MJProduction

    WHAT'S GOING ON?! Corona hits waves and on them surfs MJProduction

    The coronal pandemic is at its peak but it doesn't seem to affect MJProduction.
    At a time when countries are closing their national borders, different restrictions and rules are imposed nationally, MJProduction organises a club concert.
    There are currently no events in the country where there are more than 500 people, but this number applies to the outdoor event.
    A public event with stationary seating can be done with up to 400 people, and if there is a desire to do another event, the limit is 250.
    It's a big blow to the showbusiness world. Artists have nowhere to perform, and concert organizers don't have no point of doing events with such a small audience.
    In addition, there is also a restriction on nightclubs with a limited opening hours until 12:00 a.m. In short, the situation is very hopeless.
    But without caring, there was a Cathouse concert at the club on 04.09.2020. Then the hall's occupancy limit was 50%.
    Please note, it was not just a concert, but the artist NILETTO is from Russia which also means crossing the border for a concert.
    "There was nothing simple here. Until the last second, I didn't think the concert would succeed 100%. Many didn't think the event would happen.
    It was only when the artist was in Estonia that everibody began to rush to tickets. That means one day before the event. As this is not an internal border crossing within Europe,
    it is a legal situation, and is even more difficult. It was only when the artist walked out the door of the Estonian side of the Russian-Estonian border crossing point that there was a certain relief and it can also be said that i was briefly feeling bad in a good way. But it wasn't all." The main organizer of the concert said.

    The people

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  3. How exhausting this two-assness is! One can and the other can "suck it"!

    How exhausting this two-assness is! One can and the other can "suck it"!

    I apologize for the vocabulary if it hurts anyone, but I don't express myself any differently!
    For starters, according to government regulation entry to the Republic of Estonia, there are no restrictions on the work and artists are coming to perform! (Performance is a gainful job!).
    Therefore, i'm sorry, but what "artists are not allowed into the country" is a complete bluff.
    Until mid-November, there were no restrictions on the halls with seating.
    At the moment clubs have up to 250 people under restrictions, no more than 50% of capacity!
    The restrictions were on clubs, which is ridiculous "the virus spreads in the club and only after 00:00 and only when drinking alcohol"!?! Recently, I read an article that PÖFF got an exception for organizing its event, and it's not funny anymore!
    I'm sorry, but how will it be decided? Somebody can and somebody can't?
    Or does the state only give the right to "own" and others have to comply with the measures prescribed by the State?

    Last week I communicated with EMTA and it became clear that a payment schedule for the fulfilment of obligations would not be set up, citing the fact that I have a lot of late payments this year!
    Hmm- there was an immediate question. State don't let us work, but we pay taxes on time?
    At the same time, I have heard many times how the government and emta have said "Let us know and we will find a solution."
    It's time to go to court against the State!
    If the state has come up with measures and bans, then before they are introduced, it is necessary to figure out how tourism and entertainment will stay alive because they will be most affected by the restrictions!
    Excuse me, what should entrepreneurs live about?
    I'd also be happy to sit on a stand with a €6,000 monthly salary, swinging on a chair and picking a nose. With such a life, it would probably be as much a graft as is the case with our esteemed government.
    Knowing most of the owners of Estonian clubs and interacting with th

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  4. MULTI-TICKET! Solution for events in the pandemic bundle

    MULTI-TICKET! Solution for events in the pandemic bundle

    MJProduction found a solution to the problem that afflicts many in this corona.
    Namely, there is a big hole in the entertainment world because customers do not know whether the events are still taking place or are left out at the last minute.
    On the other hand, events are not organised because the organisers are not sure whether the event can take place at such a variable time and whether customers will even acquire a ticket.
    Interesting events and concerts are advertised, but you'd not be sure. However, if it's too late, will there be enough tickets because the tickets are limited?
    MJProduction found a solution - MULTI-TICKET

    Multi-ticket is a ticket valid for all events organised by MJProduction. You buy a ticket and you choose which event you're going to.
    With this ticket, there is no problem with "What happens if the event is canceled" because in this case you can simply choose to go to another event of your own choise with the same ticket. Similarly, even if you decide on the day that you are still not in the mood for the party, you can leave your heart and choose another event on the second day. Just take the ticket with you and show it at the entrance.

    MJProduction, for its part, comments "We understand the dilemma of our customers. There's nothing good about the news, and one by one, events are being omitted.
    Multi-ticket gives the client the opportunity to choose which event they want to go to and if the event is indeed canceled, the ticket will still be valid.
    The ticket is valid for 1 year and only one event chosen by the client. For our part, we can continue our activities within the limits and organise events.

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