MULTI-TICKET! Solution for events in the pandemic bundle

MJProduction found a solution to the problem that afflicts many in this corona.
Namely, there is a big hole in the entertainment world because customers do not know whether the events are still taking place or are left out at the last minute.
On the other hand, events are not organised because the organisers are not sure whether the event can take place at such a variable time and whether customers will even acquire a ticket.
Interesting events and concerts are advertised, but you'd not be sure. However, if it's too late, will there be enough tickets because the tickets are limited?
MJProduction found a solution - MULTI-TICKET

Multi-ticket is a ticket valid for all events organised by MJProduction. You buy a ticket and you choose which event you're going to.
With this ticket, there is no problem with "What happens if the event is canceled" because in this case you can simply choose to go to another event of your own choise with the same ticket. Similarly, even if you decide on the day that you are still not in the mood for the party, you can leave your heart and choose another event on the second day. Just take the ticket with you and show it at the entrance.

MJProduction, for its part, comments "We understand the dilemma of our customers. There's nothing good about the news, and one by one, events are being omitted.
Multi-ticket gives the client the opportunity to choose which event they want to go to and if the event is indeed canceled, the ticket will still be valid.
The ticket is valid for 1 year and only one event chosen by the client. For our part, we can continue our activities within the limits and organise events.

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