WHAT'S GOING ON?! Corona hits waves and on them surfs MJProduction

The coronal pandemic is at its peak but it doesn't seem to affect MJProduction.
At a time when countries are closing their national borders, different restrictions and rules are imposed nationally, MJProduction organises a club concert.
There are currently no events in the country where there are more than 500 people, but this number applies to the outdoor event.
A public event with stationary seating can be done with up to 400 people, and if there is a desire to do another event, the limit is 250.
It's a big blow to the showbusiness world. Artists have nowhere to perform, and concert organizers don't have no point of doing events with such a small audience.
In addition, there is also a restriction on nightclubs with a limited opening hours until 12:00 a.m. In short, the situation is very hopeless.
But without caring, there was a Cathouse concert at the club on 04.09.2020. Then the hall's occupancy limit was 50%.
Please note, it was not just a concert, but the artist NILETTO is from Russia which also means crossing the border for a concert.
"There was nothing simple here. Until the last second, I didn't think the concert would succeed 100%. Many didn't think the event would happen.
It was only when the artist was in Estonia that everibody began to rush to tickets. That means one day before the event. As this is not an internal border crossing within Europe,
it is a legal situation, and is even more difficult. It was only when the artist walked out the door of the Estonian side of the Russian-Estonian border crossing point that there was a certain relief and it can also be said that i was briefly feeling bad in a good way. But it wasn't all." The main organizer of the concert said.

The people

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