1. Shanon in Tallinn 19.02.2022 at MJClub!

    Reality & Shanon

    For the first time in the Estonian TV, Media and Entertainment landscape, it is you who can party with the heroes of the TV series "Poissmeeste Pidu"!

    At the event, Liisi, Carola, Tiiu, Hanna, Eliise, Elza, Kevin and many others will heat up the air and add tension. A favorite of many, Shanon, will perform on stage with their new and old songs.

    The aforementioned TV series "Poissmeeste Pidu" is TV3's new real-life series where four single young man who are looking for "the right one" get together. The show takes place in Viimsi 18+ Spa, which has allocated to the participants a whole water center with endless alcohol and comfortable hotel rooms. During the show, boys try to find a partner for life, and this is helped by a tablet where the young men can look for a partner for the party.

    Shanon, a pop rock band started under the leadership of Janek Hariku, started his music career in 2007. Like most long-term bands, Shanon has many bandmembers through the

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  2. Aria gives a concert in Tallinn On 8.01.2022


    The megapopular Russian rock band Aria is heating the air at Parda 9 in Tallinn, in the MJClub club!

    The Aria rock band started in 1985. Since then, the band has had several different members. Aria's band was started by Vladimir Holstinin and Alik Granovsky.
    The band's birthday is considered to be the completion of the album "Megalomania" on October 31, 1985. Aria gave their first concert on February 5, 1986. Their popularity grew despite the media's ignorance.
    In November 1986, Aria released their second album "С Кем Ты?" (Read: Who are you with?). By that time, the band had disagreements over both the direction the band was heading and Viktor Vekshtein's leadership skills.
    After the tour in January 1987, Granovsky, Bolshakov, Molchanov, Pokrovsky left Aria and formed the thrash metal band "Мастер" (Read: Master). They were replaced by Vitaly Dubinin as bassist, Sergey Mavrin as second guitarist and Maxim Udalov on drums.
    At their first big perform

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  3. Yuri Shatunov gives a concert in Tallinn, MJClub on 17.09.2021

    Juri Shatunov

    On 17 September 2021 Yuri Shatunov will give nostalgic and unique concert in Tallinn, at MJClub, Parda 9!

    Yuri Shatunov is a living legend who has come out of a more difficult childhood and worked himself to the top. Born in the city of Kumertau on September 6, 1973, Yuri was left to his mother by his father when he was three years old.
    When Shatunov turned 11, he's mother died because of her heart disease. After that, he remained in the care of his aunt and maternal grandparents for a while.
    It wasn't long before his aunt and grandparents couldn't compete with Shatunov's behavior, and soon he was sent to Orenburg orphanage number two.
    Shatunov left his studies and began to make money by playing music on the street. In 1986, Yuri Shatunov and Sergei Kuznetsov, a music teacher at the Orenburg Orphanage, created the band "Laskovyy Mai", which lasted until 1992.
    Four years later, in 1996, Shatunov moved to Germany, where he began to deal with himself

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  4. MJYoungFest 4.03.22 - Джаро & Ханза

    At 03.12.2021 MJYoungFest 2021 will perform the super duo Джаро & Ханза. Tickets are already in sale!

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  5. MJYoungFest2021 - New Artists


    MJYoungFest 2021 announces new artists!

    It is currently known that MJYoungFest 2021 will take place in Tallinn on 03.12.2021 with the following artists:

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  6. MJLive - HABIB speaks directly and honestly


    Today on 16.04.2021 we managed to get in touch with HABIB, one of the most famous young artists in Russia recently.

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  7. MJYoungfest comes again!

    MJYoungfest comes again!

    MJProduction once again hosts the popular MJYoungFest, which has gained good and bad fame.
    MJYoungFest has previously been made in 2018 and 2019.
    2018 MJ YoungFest

    2019 MJ YoungFest

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  8. MJProduction plans for 2021

    MJProduction plans for 2021

    MJProduction will summarize 2020. There are both good and worse moments in it. In addition, they will remove their cover from some of the plans for 2021.

    2020 was a very crazy and unpredictable year for everyone. We were able to see both the rainforest fires and the madness of the toilet paper. We were most affected by the great corona pandemic. People were not allowed to leave their homes, strict restrictions on businesses and the confusion within the government to administer support measures and so on.

    MJProduction had nine concerts planned in 2020, of which only 2 took place. These included the Morgernshtern concert on 21 February

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  9. Delfi apologizes to Mjproduction.

    Delfi apologizes to Mjproduction.

    Delfi apologizes to Jüri Mets and Mjproduction for providing incorrect information in January 2020.
    See more here.

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  10. Pursuit in Tallinn: Concert organizer escaped from mafia

    Pursuit in Tallinn: Concert organizer escaped from mafia

    On the last Friday before Christmas, a thrilling chase took place more than an hour on the streets of Tallinn.
    The privately-coloured Volkswagen, in which four men - a well-known concert organiser, his randomly caught-up friend and two seemingly asocial characters - did not hold back the accelerator at several intersections, even when a red light was on.
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