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Select event.
If you have found a Event you want to buy Ticket to press “Add to Cart“

Select Tickets.
Choose priceing type and ticket amount. Press “Add to Cart“

Check your Cart in the right upper corner, Make sure your tickets and prices are correct and press “Go to Checkout“

Fill in the fields. Select your shipping method and press “Next“
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Make sure your tickets and price is right.
After choosing your payment method press “Place order“

Order confirmation/Ticket
shortly after placeing your order, you will get E-mail from us with your ticket in PDF. Format and order details
The following are not subject to exchange:

1. Defective product

2. Lost ticket

3. Overdue products and tickets.

4. It is not possible to exchange the purchased ticket for another or another ticket

5. The won ticket cannot be returned

6. It is not possible to return and / or exchange a ticket if: EXAMPLE: "I have change of plans!", Etc. !!
Payment methods
Payment information
Paying for purchases in e shop is easy and comfortable.

User can pay using all the bank links avable in Estonia or using creditcard. All prices in e shop are displayed in Euros.

The payment will be made in secure payment environment of appropriate bank or service provider outside of E-shop environment. E-shop does not have access to customer's bank and credit card details.

ATTENTION! To Confirm your payment you must press after payment “Back to seller“. If you forgot to
press this button, your payment will not be activated
NB! The rules shown here only apply to events organized by Mjproduction!
Products purchased from the e-store according to the law can be used, guaranteed or exchanged within 14 days of the release of the goods. [This law does not apply to event tickets!]

NB! Tickets of events will not be refunded unless the event is canceled or postponed and a new date does not suit you.

1. If you bought a ticket and wish to exchange or return it then you have 2 options:

a) Send us a letter with attachments (Receipt, ticket and order number) E-mail:

The request for return must be notified within 10 days!  

Returns will be made within 45 days of receiving the application! (You have agreed to this when purchasing the ticket) 

Shipping methods
Order information
After receiving the money in our bank account we will send the product within 3 working days. Product arrives according to terms of service. If the product is out of stock, User will be notified . All product maximum shipping time is 21 days except for Tickets.
Ordering from us, there is various of shipping methods.

!. Print your ticket by yourself (PDF. format)
Please select this if you are buying tickets to an event. After successful payment user will receive email what includes pdf format ticket with QR and/or barcode. Given Ticket can be printed out or shown to controller from smartphone.
MJPRODUCTION TICKET-OFFICE TERMS OF USE The current Terms of Use will be applicable to the relationship between MJPRODUCTION and the User.

1. Definitions

1.1. User – A registered or unregistered user of the website, i.e. the individual purchasing the Ticket.

1.2. Terms of Use – the current terms of use of the Website as stated by MJPRODUCTION.

1.3. Organiser – The organiser of the Event, including body corporate, organisations, or institutions that are responsible for all circumstances related to the Event, including instances related to the taking place of the Event.

1.4. Sales Contract – a contract between the Organiser and User intermediated by MJPRODUCTION. The Sales Contract provides those in possession of a Ticket entry to the Event.

1.5. Ticket – an undamaged document on its original template or an electronic ticket that provides those in possession of it entry to the Event and, in the instance that the Event is cancelled, a refund or exchange of the Ticket by the Organiser.

1.6. MJPRODUCTION – MJPRODUCTION, that acts as the intermediary of Sales Contracts between the Organisers and Users.

1.7. Party – the Organiser and MJPRODUCTION as separate entities; Parties – the Organiser and MJPRODUCTION as a joint entity.

1.8. Website – a collection of webpages accessible at

1.9. Event – an entertainment, public, business or advertising event set up by the Organiser for the general public, including performances, plays, concerts, discos, sporting events, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, competitions, auctions or other events that require the purchase of a pass or Ticket.

2. Data regarding MJPRODUCTION

2.1. MJPRODUCTION is located at Harjumaa, Tallinn, Parda 9

2.2. Queries, complaints, suggestions, and petitions connected to retail must be submitted to MJPRODUCTION via the e-mail address

3. The mediation of Sales Contracts

3.1. MJPRODUCTION administers the Website, through which the Sales Contracts between the Organisers and Users are formed.

3.2. MJPRODUCTION acts as intermediary for the Organiser and User in the process of entering into a Sales Contract. MJPRODUCTION acts for and within the interests of the Organiser.

3.3. The Organiser is responsible for adhering to the conditions of the Sales Contract. All rights and obligations relating to the Ticket are laid down by the Organiser who is responsible for the content, changes, and compliance to these rights and regulations.

3.4. The Sales Contract between the Organiser and User is seen as binding when the sum of the Ticket price has been transferred to the MJPRODUCTION bank account. If payment is made via credit card, the sum is usually transferred within 3 (three) working days of making the payment.

3.5. When the Sales Contract between the Organiser and User has been formed, MJPRODUCTION will forward the purchased Ticket to the User in accordance with the mode of delivery chosen by the User: via e-mail in the case of an electronic Ticket, via the post office or courier service in the case of a Ticket on an original template.

3.6. The Ticket can be delivered via the post office or courier service only if the Ticket has been purchased from the Website at least 3 (three) working days prior to the start date of the Event or at least 6 (six) working days prior to the start date of the Event, if the payment was made using a credit card. The courier service normally operates on working days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If the courier is unable to deliver the Ticket at the address specified by the User, the courier service is deemed rendered (the delivery fee does not qualify for a refund) and the User will receive the Ticket from their local post office.

4. User confirmations, rights, and obligations

4.1. By taking any actions on the Website, the User confirms that:

4.1.1. they are a person with active legal capacity or

4.1.2. they are the representative of a body corporate who has all the rights to use the Website in their name and take obligations upon them; and

4.1.3. they will comply with all Terms of Use; and

4.1.4. they are aware that in the event of the username or password necessary to use the Website falling into the hands of a third party, the User is responsible for fulfilling any obligations taken on by such parties; and

4.1.5. they are aware that the Ticket must be kept in a safe location, direct sunlight and heat may damage the Ticket.

4.1.6. the User as a consumer is aware that he has no right to withdraw from Sales Contract according to the Obligations Law § 53 lg 4 p 72

4.2. The User is obliged to present accurate personal information upon registering on the Website, including registering under their legal and full name and using a valid e-mail address.

4.3. In accordance with the current Terms of Use, the User has the right to demand receipt of a Ticket after entering into a Sales Contract with the Organiser.

4.4. The User is obliged to refrain from interfering with the technical solutions and operations of the Website in any way. Any activity that might impose an unreasonably large load on the Website or disrupt its operations is strictly prohibited. Any monitoring of the Website (observation, counting) and the copying, reproducing, using, changing and publishing of this data for any purposes is prohibited.

5. The rights, obligations, and responsibilities of MJPRODUCTION

5.1. MJPRODUCTION has the right to terminate the Sales Contract and/or remove the User from the Website, if MJPRODUCTION has reasonable doubt that the User is involved in dishonest or illegal activities.

5.2. MJPRODUCTION has the right to limit the number of Tickets purchased by the User at any time and terminate the transactions involving Tickets purchased in a quantity larger than that allowed. MJPRODUCTION has the right to limit the number of Tickets sold on the Website, inter alia, via settings of the basket on the Website.

5.3. MJPRODUCTION is not responsible for the actions of third parties resulting in situations where money transfers or card payments may fail.

5.4. The delivery schedules and deadlines noted by MJPRODUCTION are approximate and MJPRODUCTION is not responsible for delays in the delivery of the Ticket/product that are caused by inaccurate data or instructions provided by the User or the activities of third parties and other circumstances not determined by the actions of MJPRODUCTION. MJPRODUCTION has the right to terminate the method of delivery chosen by the User, if the delivery has not been paid for according to the price list, the User has provided false or inaccurate data (e.g. a false address or wrong index of a foreign state) or the User is not available at the specified address.

5.5. MJPRODUCTION is not responsible for any damage resulting from the Ticket/product falling into the hands of third parties (incl. when the Ticket falls into the hands of third parties due to an incorrect e-mail address, or any automated forwarding service etc.). MJPRODUCTION is not responsible for destroyed, lost, stolen, and damaged Tickets/product.

5.6. MJPRODUCTION is not responsible for the occurrence, organisation, advertising, available information, and other circumstances and content relating to the Event. MJPRODUCTION  is also not responsible for any possible damages and expenses resulting from the cancellation of the Event. Compliance with the Sales Contract is the sole responsibility of the Organiser. Thus, all complaints resulting from the previously listed circumstances are also resolved by the Organiser.

5.7. MJPRODUCTION is not responsible for refunding or reimbursing Tickets if the Event does not take place, it is postponed, the location of the Event is changed, or it is replaced with another Event. Refunding or reimbursing tickets is the responsibility of the Organiser, unless it has been stated otherwise.

5.8. MJPRODUCTION is not responsible for the content, comments, or other data added to the Website by secondary users (Organisers and users of the forum). The Website may contain links and references to information on the Internet anywhere in the world. As MJPRODUCTION does not have control over these websites and the information they contain, MJPRODUCTION is not responsible for the content of those webpages.

5.9. MJPRODUCTION does not check the User’s eligibility for concessions. The purchase of a ticket with a concession does not guarantee entry to the Event. The eligibility of the owner of the Ticket for a concession is checked at the venue of the Event.

5.10. MJPRODUCTION and the Organiser do not check the identity of the individual purchasing and gaining entry with the Ticket and are not responsible for any damages resulting from this.

5.11. If MJPRODUCTION becomes liable for intermediating the Sales Contract as a result of legal proceedings, then this liability is limited to the Ticket price paid by the User.

6. Intellectual property

6.1. MJPRODUCTION is the rightful owner of all copyrights relating to content on the Website, including software, texts, databases, and graphic design.

6.2. The User and other individuals do not have the right to reproduce (copy), distribute, forward, translate, integrate into other databases, extract data or use in any other way the content of the Website without written consent from MJPRODUCTION.

6.3. Any use or reference to the content of the Website by the User without prior consent from MJPRODUCTION is unlawful and means that the individual will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

7. Protection of personal data

7.1. The User’s personal data is processed by MJPRODUCTION. The User’s personal data is processed in compliance to the Personal Data Protection Act valid in the Republic of Estonia.

7.2. MJPRODUCTION collects the personal data of the Users upon registering on the Website and their following use of the Website in other ways.

7.3. The processed personal data is presented by the User on the Website upon entering the information necessary for the purchase of Tickets or upon registering on the Website. This data includes the User’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, and all the necessary data for payment execution.

7.4. MJPRODUCTION uses the personal data for the purposes of providing and developing services for the User. The named services mostly include the mediation of Tickets to Users on the Website and the sending of a newsletter.

7.5. The User has the right to withdraw given consent to use his personal data at any time and demand that the processing of their personal data is stopped and all collected personal data is erased or closed. This also includes demanding the closing of their user account. The User has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time via the Website, following the instructions provided in the MJPRODUCTION newsletters. The consent to process a forementioned personal data cannot be withdrawn retroactively.

7.6. MJPRODUCTION does not forward any personal data provided by the User to third parties, excluding for purposes listed in point

7.4 when data is forwarded to companies belonging to the same group as MJPRODUCTION or in the occurrence that the business is transferred to third parties who are taking possession of MJPRODUCTION.

8. Service charges/Priceing

8.1 No service charge will be applied to the price of the Ticket ( PDF. Format).

8.2 Service charge will apply when … 8.2.1 Choosing shipment method with extra cost

8.2.2 When buying tickets to events witch are not organized by MJ production

8.3 All Prices in the website incloud purchase tax ( 20% )

8.4 Prices are valid from the day when purchasing until the payment deadline has expired (1 day)

8.5 If order is placed before chainging prices or terms, for the user there is applied price/terms witch were valid on the time the purchase was made.

9. provisions

9.1. The Terms of Use are valid between MJPRODUCTIONÜ and the User from the moment that the User provides electronic consent to follow the current Terms of Use or when the User starts using the Website.

9.2. MJPRODUCTION has the right to change the Terms of Use by publishing the corresponding information on the Website. The changes take effect at the moment of their publishing on the Website.

9.3. In the event that any clauses in the Terms of Use are invalid due to a conflict with the law, the validity of other clauses in the Terms of Use remains unaffected. If any clause in the Terms of Use is as a condition type empty, such kind of clause is valid in case the User is not consumer.

9.4. The legal relationships between MJPRODUCTION and the User resulting from Website usage are applicable to the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Any disputes involving the parties resulting from the current Contract will be resolved through negotiation. In the event that no agreement can be reached through negotiations, all disputes will be handled in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, in case of juridical person in Harju County Court. The User as a consumer in case of any disputes can also refer to consumer disputes committee which website address is or ask to solve the dispute on the ODR platform (internet based Online Disputes Resolution platform), which website address is

Privacy Policy
Mjproduction privacy policy regarding the use of personal data
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